Orion – Asset Management System


Assets, whether IT or non- IT, play a pivotal role in every successful business activity. Effective asset management is critical to your business.

  • A good asset management and tracking software aids in decreasing capital expenses, increasing productivity and can enhance customer service.
  • Orion helps you with management and tracking of contractual and financial data associated with the assets in your environment throughout their lifecycle – from receiving through disposal.
  • Orion empowers you with a firm understanding of how your assets are being used, to help identify cost savings, fulfill compliance initiatives, and justify business decisions


Verification, Discovery, Tagging – Methodology

  • Verification is undertaken for a base list provided by the client. The list serves as a starting point; new assets discovered are added to the list.
  • Client deputes a person to accompany the verification team; his primary role is to distinguish between company owned assets and hired/leased assets.
  • Location, quantity, product specs and condition of assets is noted. Any assets not in use or not in proper working condition or found short in quantity are reported.
  • For each location covered, a detailed statement is prepared and submitted to the management for sign-off.
  • For the list of assets approved by the management bar-codes are generated and pasted on the respective assets. Alternatively, RFID tags can also be generated for all/some of the assets.


  • Vendor management
  • Asset entry and modification
  • Historical reporting of asset allocation /re-allocation / movement
  • AMC, Warranty, Insurance, Allocation Expiry Alerts
  • Maintenance scheduling and asset ownership cost tracking
  • Real-time tracking of Mobile Asset movement
  • Regulatory and statutory reporting