Onsite / Offshore Services

PHP Services

PMAX provides a range of development, maintenance and support services on PHP platform with our web application development expertise. Here are the services that we provide from our development centre.

  • PHP based website designing.
  • PHP porting and migration services.
  • PHP based website development.
  • PHP based website maintenance.
  • PHP based website support.


QA and Testing Services

PMAX has an excellent delivery record and focus in QA Testing Services. Our expertise and experience of Quality Assurance testing services comes with our long association with testing practices. We understand that robust applications stand tall only when it goes through a strict process of testing. Hence, our experienced testers take pains in detailing out the Master test strategy, test plans and test scripts and testing for you.

The following lists some areas where we have worked in:

  • Manual Testing – Our testing team has knowledge of different technologies and have tested various applications developed on different technologies.
  • Automated Testing – Our expertise and experience of Automation testing services comes with our long association with various testing systems.

We offer specialized QA and Testing services to improve your software quality.

Our testing Practice has a unique combination of skilled software engineering / testing teams. PMAX has proven testing tools and methodologies for wide range of testing solutions in variety of situations. This includes new application / product testing, supports and integration.

The team has experience and focus on testing, as part of the development team and as an external team. Expertise covers test-plan development, test-case development, regression testing, bug maintenance, debug management and certification. Automated test scripts are developed where appropriate.


Application testing Services:

At PMAX, we understand the criticality and importance of testing Enterprise applications, which run as backbones to many profitable business organizations across many industries. Ineffective testing and a defective application can not only prove to be costly for an organization, but also damage its reputation. Our expert testers understand these challenges and take utmost care while designing unique test strategies for testing Enterprise solutions catering to particular domain. PMAX has a proficient QA team, with supporting infrastructure and processes to optimize testing of business applications.


Application maintenance services:

PMAX provides focused expertise in maintenance of application.

Out-sourcing application maintenance services to an off-shore provider reduces costs and allows the mainline team to focus on strategic direction. Various facets of application maintenance we undertake include:

  • Enhancements.
  • Site-specific requests.
  • Version, patch and release management.
  • Testing.
  • Product asset management.
  • Software upgrade.
  • Testing.
  • Code optimization.
  • Post deployment Support.


Application support services:

PMAX provides application support services.

Out-sourcing application support service to an off-shore provider reduces costs and allows the mainline team to focus on strategic direction.

Various facets of application support we undertake include:

  • L1/L2/L3 support.
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Minor Enhancements.
  • Code maintenance.
  • Bug fixing.