Target Market – Applicable across all industries

CRM Max is a simple to use CRM product for the small and medium sized business. This product is perfect for managing your leads, customers and manage the entire sales lifecycle for any Organization. We have gone a step further by integrating CRM Max with your EPBX system to enable capture of customer data from a basic phone inquiry level and taking it further from there to sales order level.
CRM Max is equipped with integration of Active Directory (AD) and Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI). The application starts with CLI Pop-Up, showing customer history, adding call info, Role wise Dashboards. Sales people can send SMS and emails with attachments and can upload documents instantly to respond to customer inquiries and information requests specific to customer. Application can generate Excel and PDF reports using different filters. User activity report, call flow report and lines recording are also made available.


  • Simplicity and ease of integration – CRM Max is very user friendly and can be used by a person with no technical knowledge. We have kept it simple with simple screen formats and TAPI integration which enables sales people to quickly pull up customer history and answer specific customer questions
  • Integrated Analytics – Quick and easy reporting across all levels of the Organization makes CRM Max a strong analytical product.
  • Flexibility and customization – CRM Max is flexible and can be customized to specific client requirements to enable any Organization to drive this product based on their sales processes.
  • Lead Generation and Follow up tracking – CRM Max allows strong lead generations capabilities right from when a customer calls with an inquiry to the sales order level and allows for complete tracking of events across the sales cycle process of a particular customer.